In the modern-day legal marketplace, the increased competition and commoditization of legal services has compelled law firms and attorneys to stand out of their competition. In simple terms, it is impossible to spot you when prospective clients do not notice you. What even worse is that if you do not have a professional online presence, your visitors will opt for another law firm. Paradoxically, it would be a good idea not to have a website rather than have one that’s poorly designed with missing information and bad content. Your website impacts your legal business and your potential to find new customers and grow your revenue. Whether you are a freelance attorney or work with an agency, here are some essential tips for good Sarasota web design.

1. Have a Fresh, Simple and Unique Design

Your site is an accurate reflection of your brand. It’s the first impression a visitor gets when they land on your website for the first time. If you go for a run-on template and your website becomes similar to thousands of other law firms on the internet, you will miss the chance to create a unique impression for your business. How do you expect prospective clients to remember your website when they have seen dozens of similar ones on the internet? Besides having a unique design, you should also consider the type of content to include on your homepage. Avoid overloading your homepage with many texts and images. Just go for the most relevant images and content you want your potential customers to see and remove everything else.

2. Showcase Your Attorney Profiles and Their Services

You are selling a legal service so ensure that you showcase the service on your website’s homepage. Ultimately, potential clients are in search of two crucial pieces of information when they visit your website; the services you offer and your attorney profiles. Your website only has a few seconds to make a lasting impression on your clients so be sure to make it professional. You can also try to use testimonials to create a positive impression about your firm, its services, and the attorneys. Testimonials are the most efficient way to communicate with potential customers so you can either decide to have a dedicated page for the same or sprinkle them throughout your design.

3. Ensure Your Site Has Fast Load Times

Internet surfers are obviously impatient when browsing sites and slow load times could have an enormous impact on your site’s conversions. If you have a website that is graphically intense, you must ensure that you have all the bandwidth and hardware infrastructure to support your design. Fast website load times can be achieved by selecting excellent hosts and maintaining a simple layout. Cheap monthly hosting options do not always offer the best value. The option could be cheap, but the chances are that it is extremely sluggish and unreliable.

4. Have a Well-Organized Website for Good User Experience

Search engines tend to rank properly organized websites higher that sites that are poorly organized. On the same note, internet surfers also prefer good site organization. Always remember that when potential customers come to your website, they will be looking for specific information. They barely have time to go over entire web pages so they will skim the headlines and small portions of your content, look at photos and admire the graphics. A well-structured website that presents all the information in an organized manner is likely to be more successful that one that’s just chaotic.

Getting the most out of your site implies that you must be ready to invest in a good website design. This way, you are sure to get returning clients and positive reviews.